Infogroup makes its functional skills and technological infrastructure in order to realize aimed products and aimed services.

Electronic money services

The Infogroup Service Center: development, assistance and consultancy activities in the e-money services and on-line transaction processing applications areas.

Application Management

Infogroup offers the following Application Management services for its customers.

Outsourcing services

Infogroup Data Center is a specialized structure for Facility and Application Management of e-finance and e-banking applications in mission-critical environments.

External Services

Infogroup provides services to connect banks with companies. Its solutions are focused both on specific sectors and cross industry projects.

bank and insurance

Infogroup's core business consists of the development and planning of products and solutions for the banking and insurance market.

Infogroup and Dovetail www.dovetailsystems.com are commercial partners to trade the Payment Services Hub, PSH, in Italy. The product easily allows banks to make their payments systems comply with the mandatory regulatory framework and enables processing of any type of transactions.


The AGM of Infogroup, a joint stock consortium IT company of the Bank Group Intesa Sanpaolo, approved the financial statement of 2012. Over its 28th fiscal year, Infogroup confirms stability and positive indicators of productivity, earnings and financial resources.

FATCA requires FFIs, Foreign Financial Institutions, such as credit institutes, insurance companies, asset managers, funds, brokers, trusts to report directly to the IRS,  Internal Revenue Service, about financial accounts and/or financial instruments held by U.S. taxpayers.

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The integration of SAP solutions in businesses, this is the mission of Infogroup SAP Competence Center formed in 2009. The center is organized into specific groups where resources, processes, instruments and competencies operate to improve business.
Our Competence Center is organized into two main groups: the Process & Functional Team which manages all requests where functional and logic competences on SAP products are needed and the Technical Support Area which provides technical support for the Process & Functional Team.

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Infogroup, in collaboration with Unimatica, www.unimaticaspa.it, has carried out digital archiving for legal purposes within Intesa Sanpaolo Paperless Bank Branches Project. The goal of Intesa Sanpaolo is simplifying bank transactions, improving security and promoting environmental sustainability by cutting paper consumptions. The project, which will involve all bank branches, more than 5,000 by the end of December 2011, envisages that the customer apposes his/her graphometric signature on a tablet support.

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The web portal called Terzo Valore: the first web community which is doing good to everyone

Banca Prossima, a bank of Intesa Sanpaolo bank group implementing financed projects in the area of Not-for-Profit Organizations, has launched an important project for the Third Sector. The project is based on new tools of financing with a social purpose which allow people to feel really involved in the realization of the project they have chosen.
This is the spirit which is leading www.terzovalore.com, the web portal which allows all internet users to give their money or to loan it to NPOs directly and without intermediaries.
Compared to other portals with the same aim, Terzo Valore, whose name is strictly related to Third Sector, is highly innovative because it is adding to donation the possibility to give money at an interest rate agreed with the charity proposing the initiative. This mechanism transforms donors into “social bankers” as quoted by the ad of Banca Prossima which launched the project.

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The 150TH anniversary of the unification of Italy
Here is the card to enjoy all events of ESPERIENZA ITALIA

The card is an initiative promoted by Comitato Italia 150 which is coordinating the big event of Turin and Piedmont in 2011, in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo Group. The Italian bank has been one of the first organizations to support this great event and to launch tourist cards in Italy. The project has been carried out thanks to the technical contribution of Infogroup, Fondazione Torino Wireless, GTT-Gruppo Torinese Trasporti and 5T-Tecnologie Telematiche Trasporti Traffico Torino.

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