Infogroup and Tracx Systems: together for the Brand Reputation in Italy


Infogroup S.c.p.A. e Tracx Systems Ltd., an Israeli company based in New York have recently signed a partnership agreement to promote and trade the “TRACX” social intelligence platform, implemented through the Social Network Analysis (SNA) innovation, the most advanced proprietary multi-layer technology.

This agreement comes after an in-depth benchmarking research carried out by Infogroup and focused on the identification of a Brand Reputation platform so as to meet two fundamental goals: on the one hand monitoring of brands social presence, on the other hand an even more strategic marketing goal: to find a platform able to sift through streams of social media data while planning, monitoring, engaging, and measuring influencers all in one place.  

As a new channel of interaction and communication, social networks are unique for dynamism because within their environment brand reputation evolves according to conversations of users and companies can ill afford to be marginalized out of this channel.

TRACX platform is customized to meet the needs of Marketing departments, Customer Service and Commercial divisions. Officers working in those areas would benefit from huge quantities of data from millions of web sources such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc), blogs, forums and worldwide e-commerce websites, all structured into readable and searchable schemes.

The TRACX Social Media Management System is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and does not require any further infrastructure investments in IT architecture. To have access to the environment of your brand and see how this user-friendly and smart platform works, just visit and login.