Electronic money services

The Infogroup Service Center, one of the top Italian authorization centers, is involved in development, assistance and consultancy activities in the e-money services and on-line transaction processing applications areas.

The main areas of activity are:

  • POS concentration
  • Development and management of fidelity and loyalty card projects for the large scale retail trade, oil companies, banks, etc.

Payment&Loyalty Paltform

►Expertise and Innovation

The Payment & Loyalty Platform  is the result of Infogroup’s twenty years expertise in managing rewards programs and payment systems added to the most advanced technologies.

►Control and Independence

It offers users special tools needed to coordinate and execute loyalty programs. Thanks to specific wizards, businesses can easily start one or more loyalty campaigns in accordance with concepts of multi-brand, multi-language and multi-device. As a matter of fact, the platform is “independence-oriented”, it can be customized and integrated, it is extensible and flexible. The platform permits to implement new mechanisms for any loyalty strategy.

►Only Player

Thanks to its wide range of expertise, Infogroup plays the role of the only player to help customers plan and execute comprehensive loyalty campaigns by supporting customers after the solution delivery in all processes related to:

  • Technological and application platforms
  • Facility and Application Management
  • Peripheral infrastructure (POS terminals, …)
  • Cards (chips, magnetic stripes, barcodes, …)
  • Technical Help Desk and Customers Support